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It’s a common dream to study MBBS in USA for Indians. However, the system to pursue medical study in USA is absolutely different than the one followed by most of the European-like Russia / Ukraine / Georgia or Asian countries like China or Philippines. The first question that comes to the mind of the student is how to study MBBS in USA. After completing PG in USA a student does not have to give any exams to practice in India. There are many options for completing your MBBS in abroad at an MCI approved University.Just like India, all the local medical aspirants find it difficult to find their place in the best medical schools in USA through MCAT. The cost of top medical universities in USA, mainly in private medical colleges, is extremely high just like in India. Hence, MBBS colleges in USA for Indian students built in Caribbean Islands have become a popular route by now. The USA medical college fees comes down drastically once they follow this route to initiate the route for medical colleges in USA. The universities in Caribbean Islands provides education only for the first 3.5 years – 4 Trimesters (leading to B.S. Degree till USMLE-1 Exam) and balance 6 years would be in the mainland of USA.


It’s a common dream to study and settle in USA for Indians. However, the system to pursue medical education in USA is absolutely different than the one followed by most of the European-countries like Russia / Ukraine / Georgia or Asian countries like China or Philippines. Eligibility for MBBS in Abroad requires a satisfactory score in the 12th board examinations. There are mainly 3 ways of pursuing PG in USA after MBBS in India or even MBBS from Abroad as well as after MBBS in USA and settling down in USA. They are explained as follows:

1) Direct MBBS in USA( The high cost, least chosen option by Indian students):
Every year, huge number of students from USA and international arena give MCAT (Medical College Admission Test), an entrance exam for MBBS in America to get the admission to top medical colleges in USA for medical training in USA. There are more than 350+ medical universities in USA. As per the USA medical education system, the exam is monitored and scores are released by AAMC (Association of American Medical Colleges).

MCAT-route to study MBBS in USA
These are funded by the US government which costs you lesser for the bachelor level MD program. However, just like India, it is highly competitive to get through MCAT. All the local students give this exam to get admission to the top medical schools in USA. Accordingly, getting a MCAT score to get into the state medical universities is also the aim of every American appearing for MCAT. You can give MCAT after completion of Pre-Medical course. This is an extremely difficult way and quite an expensive road map to pursue MBBS in USA leading to Post graduation courses in USA universities. You may download Brochure for MCAT exam in case you wish to take this route. This tells us how high MBBS in USA for Indian student’s fees is!

2) The MBBS in USA via Caribbean route ( Affordable and highly chosen by Indian students) :
This option allows you to skip the MCAT exam and reduces the total budget of MBBS in USA right up to PG courses in USA to Rs. 65-75 lakhs. It is the highest chosen options by Indian students today. The universities in Caribbean Islands provide education only for the first 3.5 years – 4 Trimesters (leading to B.S. Degree till USMLE-1 Exam) and balance 6 years would be in the mainland of USA. You may apply for admission to MBBS in USA with Scholarships since it is available for Indian students at Spartan Health & Science University. This program is till you complete your Post graduate medical education in USA. To know more about MBBS in USA for Indian students fees and much more about this route, click here.

3) The MBBS in low cost universities with PG medicine in USA route ( The best option for students who wish to settle down in USA at a comparatively low cost) :
Medical education in USA for Indian students at PG level is available at an affordable cost. This route is not made aware to a lot of students due to the selfish intentions of many agents in India. Today, every student (low-high budget) has a chance of pursuing Post graduation in USA and settling down over there with a secured medical career. This is the best suitable option for students with a budget of Rs. 15lacs- 50lacs who wish to study MBBS Abroad. As per this route, you can complete your MBBS from Russia, China, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Georgia, Philippines, etc and complete your Postgraduate medical courses in US. In fact, Medical Council of India allows you to be accepted as a practitioner in India and get registered without MCI screening test if you have completed your Post graduate medical education from USA! There are many options for students who want to study MBBS in abroad at a top MCI approved University and get trained for USMLE- Step 1examination while studying MBBS Abroad and appear for the test and move for your Post graduation in USA after MBBS.


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In India, the students are misguided due to less awareness of the parents. There are 3 most important issues that you must see, before ensuring that you can select the university for a successful medical career in USA.

MCI Approval of the University.
Approval by CAAM-HP for the university.
Unconditional listing on the university on “World Directory of Medical Schools” (wdoms).


Tuition fees for entire MBBS course
Hostel accommodation for the entire course
Food and living cost through the course
Miscellaneous cost including


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The Medical Council of India (MCI) permits a doctor to practice without MCI screening Test for those Indian students who have cleared MBBS in USA.
The doctors earn US$ 3,500 to US$ 5,500 during residency in USA (4 Years) making the total cost of the program as ZERO! This way, MBBS in USA for Indian students fees becomes less than Indian costs!
There are no capitation fees for PG while in India, it costs more than Rs. 2 Cr. for an approved program. In fact you earn SOME stipend during this period. It is not easily believable fact for an Indian student dreaming to pursue education at a top MBBS colleges in USA.
The average salary of a licensed doctor in USA is more than US$ 200,000 per year in any of the hospitals.
The MBBS duration in USA is matching with Indian program till PG level.
From 23rd April, 2016, the government of India has notified that “NORI” (No obligation to Return to India) certificate will not be issued by them if you choose to pursue MBBS in India and MD in USA. Hence, it is better to pursue the program in medical colleges USA, right from the Bachelor level.


The top medical universities in Ukraine like LVIV Medical University or Crimea Federal University in Russia or Kyrgyzstan State Medical University in Kyrgyzstan, etc offers a well designed MBBS program for Indian students. Low cost MBBS in Russia with a high quality of education is one of the highly opted choices for Indian students. The structure and the curriculum design allow medical students to focus on their PG as well. Cheapest MBBS in the world happens in Kyrgyzstan with a budget of Rs. 15 lakhs. These universities, being the top universities of those countries with a highly experienced faculty understand the importance of Pursuing PG in the medical field. The best country for MBBS course is specific to every budget and eligibility criteria of every student, though there are a wide number of medical courses in USA

Thus, the students studying there are encouraged to plan their PG medical education in USA or PG in Germany (insert link) at the right stage of their career. The students usually take the Online USMLE –Step 1 coaching from the 3rd year of their MBBS and prepare for it intensively in the next 3 years and appear for the USMLE Step 1 exam at the end of their MBBS and proceed for their PG in USA!


Most of the top medical universities in USA will help students in finding accommodation.There are 2 types of accommodations available On-campus and Off-campus.


The students from India are provided with good and effective arrangements which make sure that they do not face any troubles.


Climate is almost same everywhere in the country of USA.It is humid and dry with cool sunrise and pleasant evenings.

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