With over 10 years of experience in the Education industry SHIV EDUCATION brings to you a one stop destination for all your ‘STUDY ABROAD’ needs.We aim to understand your aspirations to the best of our abilities so as to ensure that we present the right path before you and make it easier for you to make a decision. We are here to guide you through all the steps, which include; picking the right course, country and university with you and helping you through the entire application and visa process. Each student is just as important to us and we believe that it is our attentive service and through research that sets us apart.

Our Story

As the contemporary world has given ease to the students to dream their studies in different continents, it has become our responsibility to give suitable facilities and services to our valuable students as only foresighted have the ability to comprehend the quality education. Before we help you realize your dreams to study abroad, we make it a point to understand your underlying motives. We are a one-stop-shop of overseas education consultants that offer career counselling and other supporting services. Working with us means you need not to worry about filling up forms, documentation, exam/interview preparation, and even finance. When you come to us, our counsellors understand what you desire and provide career counselling accordingly. No matter what country or course you want to pursue, with our support, you can achieve your dream of studying abroad and ensure a bright career.

Our Vision & Mission

To help students achieve their dreams of being globally competitive professionals by guiding and assisting them in admissions into internationally reputed universities and colleges.

To guide students accurately and provide pertinent advice that sub-serves a student’s long-term career aspirations.

To represent our partner universities and colleges with honesty and integrity.

Our mission is to make efforts in the direction of magnification of understanding regarding foreign education and related aspects.

We want to make our country as one of the most profound global platforms for students who want to pursue further education in other countries.

This extremely imperative mission is constantly being nurtured by us with dedication and hard work.

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  5. 5. VISA

Our objective is to provide you the 360° solution regarding foreign education. The major tasks while planning for overseas education involve selection of right course and institute, application, acceptance formalities, fees payment, medical, file preparation and application for the student visa, interview, etc. Besides this, there still exists a plethora of small tasks that need to be taken care of.

What is the most cost effective way to fly to your new study destination?
How much extra luggage are you going to take?
Where are you going to stay and how expensive is it going to be?
How are you going to reach your city after you land in the new country?
What about travel and health insurance?
How would you find a part-time job to cover some expenses?
What after your course completion?

All these questions will be answered for you before you even ask them. We provide extensive services that assist you all the way, from booking your air tickets to getting you in touch with the right insurance agents and our assets abroad.

Why Shiv Education?

The strength of Shiv Education consultancy is the rich technical background of its founders and business partners. You don’t just take the counselling and guidance at Shiv education. You take the experience with you. As one of the fastest emerging Overseas Education consultants, we take pride in our counselling and guidance provided to the students. In the current scenario where Study Abroad options in various countries present unique challenges, we at Shiv Education take a giant leap forward in presenting the right opportunities available in the Overseas Education and study abroad domain. Our partners have traveled across the globe and are abreast with the education sector worldwide.

Shiv Education Consultants was established in 2011. We offer an excellent opportunity to explore educational opportunities around the world to the students. Our expertise in career guidance helps us understand student’s interests and we counsel them in the right direction to ensure that every student choose the right country and subject catering to their needs. We understand that students come with various technical, cultural and economic backgrounds and hence have vivid requirements. A good understanding of these differences has helped us in growing at a good pace and helped in diversifying from Study Abroad Consulting to Training and Visa Processing.

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